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Download these pdf with useful formulas for Geometry and Trigonometry:

Math Skill in Focus: Factoring Trinomials

In this section we will teach you how to factor a trinomial, a skill that many students struggle to master.
This technique is called splitting the middle term, and we hope you enjoy it!

Below is a video that demonstrates the technique once more. In it, our founder Dave Bossart walks you through the solution, calmly and systematically.

Frequently asked questions

One skill or concept at a time. Through advanced diagnostics, the System determines the entire set of skills that a student needs to learn and the single topic that must be addressed first. The System ensures that the student possesses the necessary skills and information to fully understand that topic, and then explains it completely and demonstrates its application with example problems.

After each lesson, students must apply their newfound understanding to solving problems through a quiz. Whenever they fail to answer a question correctly, they are shown step-by-step how to work out the problem they missed. We have created an inexhaustible problem bank so that students never run out of new practice problems.

The System has a video explanation for every type of problem for students who prefer to hear someone explain the steps of solution. We created the videos with great attention to detail; the voice is calm and clear with closed captioning.

We have distilled the overwhelming nature of math into parts, so that students know exactly which topic warrants their full attention in the moment. Each part will be taught, but not until the time is right, and the student is prepared to learn it.

While there is a lot of information available on Khan Academy and other websites, there is no clear-cut way to navigate it. Most students don’t understand why they’re struggling, let alone how to decipher the topics they need to learn; and they get lost trying to navigate this sea of information. Many students end up spending more time looking for a lesson that seems relevant than actually working through the material. The System uses advanced diagnostics to create custom courses for students, so that the scope and sequence of the lessons are clearly defined. That way, every time a student logs in, he or she can jump right into the material. The System determines the lessons students need and leaves out the ones they don’t. It’s effective and time-efficient so students don’t get frustrated.

Furthermore, we have step-by-step explanations for every single problem, an inexhaustible problem bank, and high-quality video explanations for every type of problem. We have also created interactive lessons that allow students to engage the material in new and powerful ways.

The System is reasonably priced, at just $40 per month. While it’s not free, it is designed to be affordable. With an active membership, you can enroll in as many classes as you want and have unlimited access to the content in your course. We are continually looking to improve our materials, so your feedback on improvements or new lessons is always welcome, and we will look to accommodate your needs as soon as we can.

Private tutors can be expensive, so most families hire a tutor only as needed. Most families do not hire private tutors to assess a child’s progress in math and lay out a curriculum to help them catch up and progress in their overall understanding of the subject. That is expensive, and parents don’t always understand that it is often the prior information that causes the problem with the current course.
The advantage of The System is that families pay an affordable monthly rate for unlimited access to all the materials. Students do a comprehensive analysis of their skill set, so that they are prepared for the upcoming math class before they begin. It would take a long time for a tutor to perform such a comprehensive assessment, and they would probably be unable to remember every detail in order to put the lessons in the optimized sequence. It’s also hard to know how competent a tutor is, as the industry is totally unregulated. I personally have over twenty years of tutoring experience and have designed these materials as a reflection of my experience and the students I’ve helped along the way.
Additionally, our explanations are polished, carefully assembled and proofread, so that they are clearer and more cogent than a lesson a tutor comes up with on the fly. Our figures are all pre-prepared and drawn to scale, so the graphics are easy to understand and look the way they’re supposed to.
Since some people feel more comfortable with a physical person guiding them through the material, our lessons are accompanied by videos recorded in a calm and clear voice. The videos are engaging and help students connect with the material and are a strong alternative to a physical tutor.
The System is an effective alternative to tutoring, one that is intended to revolutionize the way that students learn math. We have poured our experience and passion for teaching into its every facet. We invite you to find out for yourself by enlisting in a free trial.

Students hone their skills and build confidence by correctly working out practice problems. It’s a vital part of the learning process. However, students often run out of practice problems in a textbook or other websites, and that dramatically hinders their ability to learn and improve.
We wanted to make sure that our students never run out of practice problems. That’s why we have created hundreds of variations of our problems, so that there is no possible way for students to do them all or memorize the answers. Every single variation has its own explanation that uses the particular numbers from the problem, so that students learn as much as possible from every single problem they are presented with.
This is just one more example of how we have considered every stage of the learning process in order to develop every last material that a student might need.

The System subscription is offered monthly, with one month being the minimum. We want to leave things as flexible as possible, so that students can sign up, learn what they need to, and then stop paying for the subscription. We have set up automatic reminders that will go out several days before payment is processed to encourage families to evaluate if they are using The System and if they want to continue paying for it.

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